Resource Scheduling Optimization – Ben Vollmer

Ben Vollmer - RSO

The effective management of employee schedules and customer appointments remains elusive for many organizations despite the increases in automation and productivity. This challenge is magnified for field service organizations who need to fulfil appointments onsite at their customers’ locations.

The Resource Scheduling Optimization for Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution minimizes overall travel time and maximizes efficient use of all resources. It takes many constraints into account, such as resource availability, skills required, working hours, duration, and time windows to optimize the schedule.

In this presentation,  Ben Vollmer explains how to use Resource Scheduling Optimization for Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automatically set up the system to schedule multiple bookings on a recurring basis.

Speaker Bio

Ben Vollmer has been involved with helping companies improve their strategies around Customer Engagement and Experience for the past 25 years. This has included companies of all shapes and sizes and may different areas of Customer Engagement and Experience including; Sales Force Automation, Customer Service, Marketing Automation and Field Service. This has included helping architect and show value out of integration patterns and practices, migration between systems and the most important part, helping with the human change management.

He has been with Microsoft since 2003 in a wide variety of customer engagement and experience roles, with customers from some our largest to some of our emerging customers. Currently he engages with strategic customers and partners to help them successfully see the value of an integrated Field Service solution. In addition to engaging partners and customer, he is responsible for the engagement and enablement of the Microsoft Subsidiaries Worldwide around Field Service. As such he has a unique perspective in seeing not only where we currently are today but the long term roadmap for Microsoft and the overall industry.

An avid car and audio enthusiast, when he isn’t working on or around Field Service, he is often found either turning wrenches on a vehicle or tuning an audio system for maximum enjoyment.