Empowering Dynamics 365 with PowerApps & Flow – Sumedha Obeysekera

Sumedha Obeysekera

The presentation is aimed at discussing how thinking pattern should be changed with the introduction of PowerApps and Flows when designing a Dynamics 365 CE solution. The best solution may contain creative usage of PowerApps along with Microsoft Flow to connect the dots. Most highlighted features of these technologies are user-friendliness, connectivity options and efficiency in implementing. These technologies are not only for IT teams but for citizen developers and citizen integrators. Dynamics 365 CE users/ developers should feel privileged since all technologies bundled within power platform, not only works seamlessly with D365, but some concepts seem to have been adopted from Dynamics 365 itself.

The demo is to create a simple PowerApp to obtain name and picture of a person and push to Contact entity of D365 through a Flow to demonstrate how easily a simple solution can be commissioned. By sharing the PowerApp with another user and giving the credentials to audience make them create contacts immediately, enabling the audience to get the real experience.

Speaker Bio

Sumedha has been involving in Dynamics 365/CRM projects for more than 10 years and has worked in very early versions such as CRM 3.0. He has catered mostly to European, Australian and Sri Lankan clients by playing different roles starting from Support Engineer to Solutions Architect. Sumedha is more focused on improving the usability of implementations to gain efficiency and user-friendliness. He has been instrumental in some of the Australian flagship XRM projects.

Sumedha also involves in blogging and he is the author of Blog called CRM Boutique. He also interested in Agile methodologies and always searching ways of adopting Agile methodologies to leverage Dynamics 365 projects.

When not busy with professional assignments Sumedha enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities starting from Hiking and Camping to exploring beauties of tropical coral reefs.