What’s new using Logic Apps to Integrate with Dynamics 365 – Bill Chesnut

Bill Chesnut - Whats new using Logic Apps to Integrate with Dynamics 365

We will look at what’s new since last year with integrating with Dynamics 365, changes in Logic Apps and the Dynamics 365 Connector. We will also look at leveraging Azure Event Grid for both inbound and outbound integrations.

There have been many changes in Logic Apps since the last years talk and they have released a V2 Dynamics 365 connector for Logic Apps with some breaking changes. Azure Event Grid is a new technology in the Azure Enterprise Integration stack, I will show how this can be used to help reduce the amount of polling required in a standard integration scenario.

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Bill Chesnut is the Cloud Platform & API Evangelist at SixPivot with 36 years of experience across multiple industries, including Government, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Logistics and Utilities. He has been involved in all aspects of Integration from architecture, solution design, implementation, solution development and environment support in on-premises and cloud.

He is also an Azure Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP). Bill has been involved with Azure, BizTalk and BizTalk Training since the BizTalk 2000 release and has designed, implemented and mentored on numerous BizTalk and Azure projects throughout Australia and New Zealand.